Enhance Your D104



Audio and Impedance


A classic microphone for over 50 years, the large round element in the D104 gives outstanding clarity with a richness that made it the choice of rag chewers and contesters alike. In the days before "Speech Processors" the D104 simply punched through the QRM and QRN like the "Magic Wand" it resembled.

Specifically a high impedance microphone, the D104 was not easily adaptable to the newer lower impedance Rigs. Padding the element with capacitance and resistance helped somewhat, but substantially lowered the audio gain. The results were less then desirable.

With the N2GYN Audio Enhancer, the richness of the D104 is Reborn!

Easily installed in the base of your D104, this tiny well engineered circuit is the result of extensive research and experimentation. The result is a tailored, outstanding Full-Bodied sounding audio. It's also designed to help shield from any unwanted RF.??

The enhancer can also be used with many other microphones. Each enhancer is hand made by myself. Quick, get one today, my eye sight is going fast!

Listen to the D-104 With Out the N2GYN Enhancer.

Listen to the D-104 With the N2GYN Enhancer.

Note: For Non-amplified D104 versions. ( Microphone not included) Polarity must be correct at all times!


Completely Pre-Assembled!?

(Not a Kit!) Includes Installation Instructions

$49.99 or Two for $89.99 plus $ 5.00 S&H in usa?

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